Legal Services

Legal Services

Providing Legal Services & Business Resources to the Cannabis Industry

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Employment Law

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  • Independent Contractor
  • Employee Management

Intellectual Property

Real Estate

  • Lease and Purchase Agreements
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Land Use Zoning

Litigation & Defense


Contract Law

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Also Proudly Serving the Ancillary Marijuana Industries

The multi-billion dollar sector of the U.S economy is not just focused on actual cannabis products, there’s more to the business…




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Flexible Pricing Plans to Fit Your Budget

In need of advice? Just have a quick legal question?

From all-inclusive business & licensing packages, to on-demand legal advice, California Weed Law offers customized legal services.

All-Inclusive Legal Services

Going over budget can be devastating to a new business. California Weed Law offers arrangements such as all-inclusive legal fees to get your company through the startup phase, without blindly racking up legal fees


By allocating weekly or monthly retainer amounts, you can ensure that your company has access to the necessary legal resources, without committing to a long term plan.


The traditional method of basic legal services on an hourly rate can be more efficient and economical for certain sporadic projects and services.

Flat Fee

For certain types of projects, an agreed upon flat rate gives you the comfort of knowing exactly how much you will spend while having the flexibility to designate other services to be based on one of the other available options.

Customized Legal Services, Personalized Business Consulting

Welcome to the 21st Century Law Firm

Built to cater to the  needs of the cannabis industry, Developed to work along side startup businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

How am I protected?

Although with the current federal status of cannabis, it’s impossible to be completely protected from unwanted surprises. However, by making sure that everything that can be done to protect you and your business assets is implemented from the start, you can reduce the risk of something happening.

  • Comply with local and state laws
  • Respect your company’s entity formalities
  • Implement adequate security measures
Can I be more hands on?

Yes! The business and legal services that California Weed Law provides are tailored to you or your companies’s unique needs. Whether you are an experienced cannabis entrepreneur who prefers taking things into your own hands, or prefer letting us take care of everything while you sit back, you’re able to have as little or as much control and participation in the process as you’d like.

  • We explain the laws and legal process as we go along (if you want)
  • On a budget? No problem. We’ll provide you the resources to do the non-legal footwork on your own
  • Just need tips? For the industry-experienced, just a couple questions may be all that you have
What if something goes wrong?

Unfortunately, we’re currently in a time of uncertainty where there’s no possible way to know what the short term future of cannabis on a federal level is. While that is out of our control, the protections afforded by the State of California aim to preserve the budding industry.

  • Plan for emergencies from the start
  • Diversify your business dealings to avoid having all your “eggs in one basket”
  • Know your rights, and know the law
How much does it cost to get into the industry?

The startup costs for entering into the commercial marijuana and ancillary industries vary greatly depending. It’s important to be informed of all of the information and potential costs that you may face before diving into the business. Grow smart, spend smarter. Here are some of the biggest factors impacting start up costs

  • The sector of the industry (cultivation, manufacturing, retail, ancillary)
  • Location (Northern California, Southern California, Eastern California)
  • Aspirations (small Mom & Pop vs. industrial warehouse)
Can I operate a cannabis business before I receive a city or state license?

No! Not only would operating a commercial cannabis business without the proper local licenses and permits be illegal, but it would also potentially jeopardize your chances of being able to obtain a state license.

  • Using personally? Stay within the legal limits.
  • Already in the industry? Think twice before continuing without licensing.
  • Contact us to learn how to get legal!